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Passes: The inspector has not found any information which indicates that any failure criteria described in 310 CMR 15.303 or in 310 CMR 15.304 exist.

Conditionally Passes: One or more system components as described in the "Conditionally Pass" section need to be replaced or repaired. The system upon
completion of the replacement or repair as approved by the local Board of Health will pass i.e.. Broken pipe(s), obstructions etc.

Needs Further Evaluation By the Local Approved Authority: Conditions exist which require further evaluation by the Board of Health in order to determine if
the system is failing to protect public health, safety or the environment.

Fails: The inspector determines that one or more of the failure criteria exists as described in 310 CMR 15.303, therefore the system fails.



Title V Inspections are required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts when you are selling your home or adding to it. We have Certified Title V Inspectors on staff to inspect residential and commercial systems. The inspection typically takes about an hour or two and involves digging up the components of the system. We will do this using the least intrusive means possible. Then we will measure the sludge and scum levels, evaluate the integrity of the structure, and look for signs of hydraulic failure. We will tell you the results of the inspection the same day. The results of the Title V Inspection will meet one of four criteria: Passes, Conditionally Passes, Needs Further Evaluation By the Local Approved Authority, or Fails.

Towns in which we inspect

  • Duxbury

  • Halifax

  • Hanover

  • Hanson

  • Kingston

  • Marshfield

  • Norwell

  • Pembroke


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