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Hydroseeding Tips

The single most important requirement for germinating turfgrass seed is adequate moisture. Keeping the seed damp - either by rainfall or irrigation - will encourage proper seed development.

The first watering can be done right away. It should moisten the soil to a depth of two to three inches...but gently. Be careful not to apply the water with such force that it washes away soil or dislodges the seed.

After the initial watering, irrigate the newly-seeded area lightly and frequently - two to three times a day, if possible - until the grass begins to establish and mature. Then the intervals between waterings can be lengthened and the amount applied at any one time increased. Watering at night is not recommended.



Smith HydroseedingSmith is pleased to offer hydroseeding for residential or commercial properties. Your lawn will be hydroseeded with a high quality turf mix, which includes premium seed, fertilizer, water, mulch, and crab grass control. Using our hydroseeding machine, we will uniformly spray the mixture over the loam. We will then take the time to provide you with guidlines which will insure that you see a lush, green lawn in a short time.

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